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What is Chronic Constipation | Causes | Symptoms | Treatment

Chronic constipation is a normal condition that is characterized by difficult, rare or perceived incomplete evacuation of bowel movements. The symptoms of constipation included having less than 3 bowel movements for a week, straining, hard stools, deficient departure and ineffectualness to pass stool. Patients with chronic constipation don’t have loose bowels unrelated to using medicines. Anyway regardless of how long you sit, it just won’t come to pass. With chronic constipation, you might have hard or formed stools, little stools, or a fusion of rare hard, shaped or minor stools.

Generally the meaning of chronic constipation is a stool regularity of less than three for per week that lasts several months. Still, specialists accept that numerous who suppose they experience suffer from chronic constipation may really underestimate the recurrence of their inside propensities, so this definition may not be exact.

What can Chronic Constipation Cause?Chronic Constipation

After consuming, food moves through your digestive tract. The intestines take water and supplements from the food. Ordinarily, the process continues until a stool is formed. Crushing compression in the digestive tract then pass the stool out of the body.

The most common causes of constipation are poor fiber or liquids, inactivity, changes in schedule that change bowel habit or overlooking the body’s call to head off to the latrine.

In numerous way chronic constipation causes It could be due to structural sores of colon e.g. colon cancer, colon stricture or narrowing, medical conditions for example diabetes, thyroid disarranges, pregnancy, of due to medications such as pain medications (opiates), blood pressure medications (calcium channel blockers), anti- seizure medicine, and antispasmodics. In these cases, exchanging to additional pharmaceutical can enhance the symptoms. In people of 50, a more serious bowel disease or a structural junk could cause the onset of constipation, so it is significant see health experts to rule out any serious causes.

Chronic Constipation Symptoms and Signs

Irregular bowel habits may be a cautioning sign of a viral or bacterial infection, blockade, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD),

or colon disease.

  • Constipation that keeps going for more than two weeks
  • Extreme loose bowels enduring more than two days
  • Mild diarrhea enduring a week
  • Unexplained urges to have bowel movement
  • Bloody diarrhea
  • Black or tarry shaded stools

Chronic Constipation Treatment: When to Consult a Doctor

Assuming that you have chronic constipation or if constipation is new or is a change in your ordinary bowel habits, take a appointment of your doctor.  Because chronic constipation may be an early symptom of serious issue, such as colon cancer your specialist will get some information about your medical history perform a physical examination, and after that do research facility testing for screening resolves. Some medical conditions such as hypothyroidism, irritable bowel disease, Parkinson’s infection, and diabetes likewise cause chronic constipation. Treating the illness itself might help in relieving chronic constipation.

Doctor will perform a rectal examination to search for hemorrhoids or tears caused by straining and will check the capacity of the anal centric sphincter muscles. Provided that you’re medical history, physical exam, and lab results give no signs as the explanation of chronic constipation, your doctor might request an imaging study of the colon and rectum to rule out more serious problems such as an impediment.


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  1. Thanks for educational post. I’m pleased positive this post helps me preserve many hours of browsing other related posts only to find what I used to be looking for. Merely I want to state: Thank you!

    • Thanks Finley, for your valuable comment here. Honestly your comments will boost up me. I will try to share more information on colon health. Please keep visiting my blog for more healthy information.

  2. Hello Larrybrown… Thanks for giving such a valid info about chronic constipation. Many people aware the things about constipation like symptoms of constipation, causes of constipation, remedies for constipation etc. Here you have used a new word that is chronic constipation. There is no huge difference between constipation and chronic constipation but it would be nice with small info about the differentiation of constipation and chronic constipation.

    • Thanks CutheriaUrs, for your valuable comment here. Sorry to say chronic constipation it’s not a new word you might be heard newly. The constipation is a broad word used for the difficulty in emptying the bowel. Chronic constipation is continuing for a long time or constantly recurring. And causes, symptoms will be same for both.


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