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Flexible Sigmoidoscopy – How It Is Different From Colonoscopy

What is Flexible Sigmoidoscopy?

A flexible sigmoidoscopy is a test at that permits your doctor to seem throughout the rectum and lower a part of your bowel using a slender, flexible, tube-like telescope called a sigmoidoscope. This is thoroughly inserted into your back passage.

The test can assist to find out what’s causing symptoms equivalent to adjustments in bowel dependency or rectal ache. It is regularly used to test for inflammation, early indicators of most cancers and polyps. During the process, your physician may take one or more biopsies (samples of tissue) for examination in a laboratory. If essential, it’s possible to remove polyps and deal with haemorrhoids during the process. Flexible sigmoidoscopy is routinely done as an out-patient process. Your physician will give an explanation for the advantages and dangers of having a sigmoidoscopy, and can talk about possible choices to the procedure. Depending on your symptoms, choices may include:

  • Barium enema
  • Colonoscopy
  • Virtual colonoscopy

How this test is different from colonoscopyFlexible Sigmoidoscopy

Flexible sigmoidoscopy permits the doctor to peer simplest the sigmoid colon, while colonoscopy lets in the physician to see the entire colon. Colonoscopy is the most popular screening approach for cancers of the colon and rectum; on the other hand, to organize for and carry out a flexible sigmoidoscopy usually requires less time.

How to organize for a Flexible Sigmoidoscopy:

To prepare for a Flexible sigmoidoscopy, a number of enemas are performed approximately 2 hours before the procedure to take away all solids from the sigmoid colon. An Enema is carried out via flushing water, laxative, or every now and then a mild cleaning soap solution into the anus the usage of a special wash bottle.
In some cases, all of the gastrointestinal tract should be emptied through following a transparent liquid nutrition for 1 to 3 days prior to the procedure—very similar to the preparation for colonoscopy. Sufferers should not drink beverages containing red or pink dye. Liquids include:

  • Sports drinks
  • Water
  • Plain tea or coffee
  • Gelatin
  • Strained fruit juice
  • fat-free bouillon or broth

Patients must inform their doctor of all scientific conditions and any medications, vitamins, or dietary supplements taken steadily, that include:

  • Blood thinners
  • Vitamins that contain iron
  • Diabetes medications
  • Aspirin and
  • Arthritis medications

How Is a Flexible Sigmoidoscopy carried out?

A flexible sigmoidoscopy is performed by way of a doctor skilled in the process and usually lasts from 10 minutes to 20 minutes. Sedation is not required. Your doctor may have you lie to your left facet, with your knees drawn up. The sigmoidoscope is inserted during the rectum and passes slowly into the sigmoid colon. A small quantity of air is used to enlarge the colon so the doctor can see the colon walls. You might really feel gentle cramping all through the procedure. You’ll be able to cut back the cramping via taking a couple of slow, deep breaths all the way through the procedure. When the doctor has completed, the sigmoidoscope is slowly withdrawn at the same time as the liner of your bowel is carefully examined.

After a Flexible Sigmoidoscopy:

After the process your doctor will discuss the result of your Flexible sigmoidoscopy with you. You might truly really feel a few cramping or a sensation of getting gasoline, however this steadily passes in short. You would possibly resume your normal diet and actions. If growths or polyps are discovered during the process, a biopsy (removal of tissue) of the polyp, or polyps, is also taken, or you will be recommended to have a complete colon examination, by way of colonoscopy with polyp removing. Puncture of the colon is a major — even supposing rare — conceivable hassle of sigmoidoscopy. Call your doctor immediately, if you are experiencing any of the following:
a) Heavy rectal bleeding
b) Fever and chills and
c) Severe abdominal pain

Advantages of flexible sigmoidoscopy:

  • Flexible sigmoidoscopy lets in direct visualization of the lining of the last portion of the colon.
  •  It is a quicker process than colonoscopy, usually lasting between five to 15 mins.
  •  It does now not require sedation and the person can return to work soon after the procedure.

Complications of flexible sigmoidoscopy:

  • Discomfort right through the procedure
  •  Bloating and abdominal cramps following the procedure
  •  Bleeding following the procedure, that’s on a regular basis minor
  • Perforation of the bowel. This critical trouble is frequently infrequently observed with the procedure.

Flexible sigmoidoscopy is an often carried out and normally safe process. For most of the folks, the advantages in relation to having a clear analysis are much greater than any hazards. Alternatively, all medical techniques lift a component to possibility.


Colonoscopy Preparation,Procedure And Recovery

Colonoscopy is a procedure that enables in examiner ordinarily a gastroenterologist to assess within the colon digestive organ or large bowel. The colonoscopy is four foot long, supple tube about the thickness of a finger with a Polaroid and a wellspring of light at its tip. The tip of the colonoscopy is inserted into the anus and then is advanced slowly, under optical control, into the rectum and through the colon usually as far as far as that the cecum, which is the first part of the colon.

The colonoscopy is a tinny, flexible tube that goes from 48 in. (122 cm) to 72 in. (183 cm).  A minor video camera is connected to the colonoscopy so that your doctor can take pictures or video of the digestive organ (colon). The colonoscopy can be used to look at the entire colon and the more level part of the small digestive system. A test called Sigmoidoscopy shows just the rectum and the lower part of the colon.

How to get ready for Colonoscopy:
Doctor generally provides written instructions about how to prepare for colonoscopy. The process is called bowel preparation. Usually, all solids must be exhausted form the gastrointestinal tract by taking after a clear liquid diet for 1 to 3 days before the procedure. Patients should not drink beverages containing red or purple color. Adequate liquids include.

1.    Strained tree grown foods juice
2.    Water
3.    Plain espresso
4.    Plain tea
5.    Sports beverages

Before colonoscopy laxative or enema might be required in the night. Laxative is a medicine that release stool and increase bowel movements, generally laxatives are swallowed in pill form or as a powder dissolved in water. Enema is performed by flushing water, or sometimes a minor soap clarification, into the anus using a special wash bottle.

Patients might as well advise the doctor of all medical conditions and any medications, vitamins, or supplements taken customarily, including.

1)    Aspirin
2)    Arthritis solutions
3)    Blood thinners
4)    Diabetes solutions
5)    Vitamins that hold iron

Driving is not allowed for 24 hours after colonoscopy to permit the soothing opportunity to wear off. Soon after the arrangement, patients might as well make gets ready.

How is colonoscopy performed:
During Colonoscopy, patients lie on their left side on an examination table. In most cases, a light soothing, and possibly pain treatment, helps keeps patients loose. Deeper sedation might be required in few cases. The doctor and medicinal staff monitor vital signs and attempt to make patients as comfortable as possible.Colonoscopy

Doctor inserts a long, flexible, lighted tube called colonoscopy, or scope, into the anal and slowly guides it’s through the rectum and into the colon. The extension expands the digestive organ with carbon dioxide gas to give the doctor a better view. A small camera mounted on the degree transmits a video image from inside the large intestine to a computer screen, permitting the specialist to precisely look at the intestinal lining. The doctor might ask the patient to move periodically so the scope can be adjusted for better viewing.

Once the scope has arrived at the opening to the small digestive tract, it is slowly withdrawn and the lining of the large intestine is carefully examined again. Bleeding and cut of the digestive organ are possible to uncommon complications of colonoscopy.

Removal of Polyps and Biopsy:

A doctor can remove growths, known as polyps, during colonoscopy and later test them in a laboratory for signs of cancer. Polyps are common in adults are usually harmless yet, most colorectal cancer starts in  polyp, so removing polyps early is an effective way to prevent cancer.

The doctor can take samples from abnormal- looking throughout colonoscopy. The procedure system, called a biopsy. Agrees the doctor to look at the tissue with microscope o indications of disease
The doctor removes polyps and takes biopsy tissue utilizing minor tools passed through the scope. If bleeding happens, the specialist can usually stop it can with an electrical test or special treatment passed through the scope. Tissue removal and the medications to quit bleeding are usually painless.

Recovery of Colonoscopy:
Colonoscopy usually takes 40 to 50 minutes. Cramping or bloating may happen throughout the first hour after the procedure. The soothing required time to completely wear off. Patient may need to stay at the center for 1 to 2 hours after the methodology. Full recuperation is normal by the following day. Discharge instruction should be carefully read and followed.

Patients, who are facing any one of the following side effects they should consult their physician immediately.

Severe abdominal pain
Bloody bowel movements

What is Chronic Constipation | Causes | Symptoms | Treatment

Chronic constipation is a normal condition that is characterized by difficult, rare or perceived incomplete evacuation of bowel movements. The symptoms of constipation included having less than 3 bowel movements for a week, straining, hard stools, deficient departure and ineffectualness to pass stool. Patients with chronic constipation don’t have loose bowels unrelated to using medicines. Anyway regardless of how long you sit, it just won’t come to pass. With chronic constipation, you might have hard or formed stools, little stools, or a fusion of rare hard, shaped or minor stools.

Generally the meaning of chronic constipation is a stool regularity of less than three for per week that lasts several months. Still, specialists accept that numerous who suppose they experience suffer from chronic constipation may really underestimate the recurrence of their inside propensities, so this definition may not be exact.

What can Chronic Constipation Cause?Chronic Constipation

After consuming, food moves through your digestive tract. The intestines take water and supplements from the food. Ordinarily, the process continues until a stool is formed. Crushing compression in the digestive tract then pass the stool out of the body.

The most common causes of constipation are poor fiber or liquids, inactivity, changes in schedule that change bowel habit or overlooking the body’s call to head off to the latrine.

In numerous way chronic constipation causes It could be due to structural sores of colon e.g. colon cancer, colon stricture or narrowing, medical conditions for example diabetes, thyroid disarranges, pregnancy, of due to medications such as pain medications (opiates), blood pressure medications (calcium channel blockers), anti- seizure medicine, and antispasmodics. In these cases, exchanging to additional pharmaceutical can enhance the symptoms. In people of 50, a more serious bowel disease or a structural junk could cause the onset of constipation, so it is significant see health experts to rule out any serious causes.

Chronic Constipation Symptoms and Signs

Irregular bowel habits may be a cautioning sign of a viral or bacterial infection, blockade, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD),

or colon disease.

  • Constipation that keeps going for more than two weeks
  • Extreme loose bowels enduring more than two days
  • Mild diarrhea enduring a week
  • Unexplained urges to have bowel movement
  • Bloody diarrhea
  • Black or tarry shaded stools

Chronic Constipation Treatment: When to Consult a Doctor

Assuming that you have chronic constipation or if constipation is new or is a change in your ordinary bowel habits, take a appointment of your doctor.  Because chronic constipation may be an early symptom of serious issue, such as colon cancer your specialist will get some information about your medical history perform a physical examination, and after that do research facility testing for screening resolves. Some medical conditions such as hypothyroidism, irritable bowel disease, Parkinson’s infection, and diabetes likewise cause chronic constipation. Treating the illness itself might help in relieving chronic constipation.

Doctor will perform a rectal examination to search for hemorrhoids or tears caused by straining and will check the capacity of the anal centric sphincter muscles. Provided that you’re medical history, physical exam, and lab results give no signs as the explanation of chronic constipation, your doctor might request an imaging study of the colon and rectum to rule out more serious problems such as an impediment.

Herbal Colon Cleanser – Is Herbal Colon Cleanser Safe ?

Colon deals with removing of waste fabrics and pollutants from the frame and assimilation of minerals and salt within the frame. A malfunctioning colon will have severe implications upon human health. A vary of issues similar to colitis, gastritis, diverticulitis, fibromyalgia, continual fatigue syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) are associated with unhealthy colon. Only approach to these problems is common colon cleanse which relieves your frame of all the waste fabrics and toxins. Colon cleansers are a great lend a hand in restoring the health of the colon.

Herbal Colon Cleansers:

Colon has a natural ability to right kind minor dysfunctions by itself. However, critical harm to colon wishes exterior intervention. Today, most people suffer from a few roughly colon problem. This is very due to modern lifestyle. Our nutrition has gone through a sea change in the past thousand years. Unwell being, processed, hormone impregnated meals have taken a toll upon the health of our colon. This form of nutrition results in incomplete digestion of food. Because of this waste and pollutants aren’t eradicated from the body on a regular basis. They hold to the walls of colon and go on accumulating if the problem isn’t addressed on time. The primary serve as of any colon cleanser is to free the colon of those waste materials and facilitate a typical bowel movement. Herbal cleansers employ natural ingredients to clean colon. Fibers play an important role in figuring out the normal function of the colon. Hence, colon cleansers employ ingredients which might be very high in fiber. You will receive advantages a perfect deal in the event you additionally take fiber supplements while you might be on an herbal colon cleaning. Herbal or herbal colon cleansers are a better choice than chemical colon cleansers as they have a tendency to irritate the muscles of the colon. There are a variety of herbal cleansers for colon available in the market lately. However, they all are probably not efficient and secure for you. Herbal colon cleaner reviews might be able to help you choose the best colon purifier for you.

Is Herbal colon cleaner safe?

Although, herbal colon cleansers are securer than chemical cleansers, not all of them can be fully secure for you. Incidentally, numerous they use affordable, damaging ingredients. Psyllium fiber, cascara sagrada, senna are one of the crucial recurrently used meals in herbal colon cleansers.  These ingredients will also be harmful on your health. Psyllium is known to induce allergic reaction in some folks. It would possibly cause skin rashes, hives or even demise due to anaphylaxis in sure uncommon cases. Cascara sagrada is a perilous element which is steadily disguised below its lesser known identifies, ‘buckthorn bark’. Cascara sagrada and senna are both

Herbal Colon Cleanser

types of Anthraquinones, which might be chemical substances naturally present in crops. Anthraquinones are recognized to strip away the advisable bacteria from the gut. Additionally they lead to electrolyte imbalance within the body.

The use of colon cleansers isn’t advisable beyond an undeniable prohibits. Instead, if you’re making certain nutritional adjustments you won’t want any colon cleansers. The really useful day-to-day fiber intake for human body is 25 to 30 grams. If you include fibrous meals for your diet you’re not going to have any issues together with your bowel actions. Similarly, chopping your consumption of caffeine drinks and other drinks in a position to freeing toxins in body, also assist to forestall accumulation of toxins. Drinking abundant water now not simplest flushes pollutants out of your body but additionally regulates your bowel actions.

Herbal colon cleansers should be taken simplest after consulting your doctor. While shopping for colon cleansers, always take a look at the label for ingredients. Steer transparent of the cleansers which include any of the above mentioned foods. So far, as conceivable depend on natural methods of detoxification and colon cleansing.

Colon Cleanse Pills: Are the Colon Cleanse capsules essential for cleanse?

The food we eat passes all the means all the way down to the stomach and intestines, the place meals is digested and essential nutrients are absorbed, whilst the unwanted waste material is excreted out of the frame by the use of the rectum and anal opening. However no longer all of the waste is excreted out. Some amount of waste will get accrued on the walls of the colon. Such increase of waste will also be deleterious, as a result of these wastes lead to toxin increase, thereby destructive frame cells and hampering right kind functioning of the digestive tract. Colon cleaning is a process wherein the colon is emptied of all waste materials via the usage of sure colon cleaning products to stimulate bowel actions. This will lend a hand eliminate destructive toxins that would differently conduce to colon cancer. Better digestion, higher power and stronger immune device also are the opposite benefits of getting a colon cleaning process performed. Of the different types of colon cleansers (teas, enemas, laxatives, dietary supplements) available, colon cleanse pills are one of the crucial to be had colon cleansing products.

Colon Cleanse PillsColon Cleanse Pills

There are lot of colon cleanse pills available in the market nowadays, which can be used for clearing the bowels of all pollution and wastes. These capsules range from laxatives to enemas. People taking colon cleaning pills for emptying the bowel of all wastes and pollutants, frequently must spend the next seventy two hours making frequent visits to the toilet. Thus, working folks cannot perform a colon cleanse on a typical operating day.

Colon cleanse pills in most cases are available in bottle packs which are 30 – 60 in number. The pill is on a regular basis taken in the morning with a pitcher of water after waking up, after which the dose is regularly larger till an individual experiences 2 – 3 bowel actions an afternoon. The dosage and time at which the pill needs to be taken can be defined by means of your physician.

All pills available in the market tout that they can transparent the bowel instantly and adequately. Not all pills are safe and efficient. Thus, prior to taking any pill it is important to seek the advice of the physician, who will information you in regards to the brand and dosage of pills. You can also read other colon cleanse pills reviews prior to buying any of those tablets.

Are Colon Cleanse tablets safe?

The main drawback of colon cleaning capsules is that it causes the colon to become dependent on it for colon cleaning. Use of those drugs over a protracted time period will lead to the colon to lose its natural ability of emptying the colon. Moreover, a few of these pills contain very harsh laxatives, which is able to conduce to problems like vomiting, acne outbreaks and even severe stomach ache. They also leave an individual feeling heavy and toxic on the end. Thus, these colon cleansers negative effects should be stored in mind prior to taking those tablets.

Some even use colon cleanse drugs for weight reduction. It is correct that these drugs conduce to weight reduction, because those tablets stimulate bowel movements and get rid of the whole thing in the bowels. This results in lack of weight. However, using colon cleansers to shed pounds is not a very good thought. It isn’t a wholesome method of dropping pounds. Taking tablets to lose weight is ridiculous because one does not lose fats. It clears your digestive tract but does no longer burn fat cells (although metabolisms charge increases somewhat).

It is very important to consult your health care supplier prior to taking any colon cleanse pills. Moreover, but even so the typical ache experienced before a bowel movement, if in any respect you face sturdy, stabbing pain after a colon cleanse, consult your doctor immediately. It is better to avoid relying on colon cleaning drugs too much.

Best Colon Cleanse and Natural Homemade colon cleansers

Colon Cleansing:

Everything that you consume ends up being processed in your colon and the waste becomes toxins that are left behind, stored in your colon. Colon cleansing assists you to eliminate those trashes; it scrubs and removes hardened fecal issue, toxic materials and parasites from the colon. If you do not relieve your colon of those toxins then you can bear from constipation. Our body soaks up toxins through your mouth and nose just by breathing. The toxins build up in your fat units, blood and body parts and can stay there for your entire life unless they are flushed out. We can use variety of methods to cleanse your colon for many health benefits. By consuming a wholesome diet and utilizing natural ways, our colon can be cleansed. Otherwise you can use colon cleansing products to do so.

cleanse-and-detox-7uZ5sf-clense-diet-698X462Colon cleansing products:

Colon cleansing can be done using a commercial product or a homemade recipe. Various colon cleansing goods have one widespread aim that is to remove various toxins from the digestive system. There are many different types of colon cleansing products that are made in a way that they act quite fast in the safest possible way. Oxypowder and Super Colon Cleanser are some popular colon cleansers available. Colon cleansers have dual action cleanse potential and they help to clean the colon as well as detoxify the body from inside. As there are plenty of colons cleansing products available in the market, it is better to use a cleansing product after consulting a doctor.

Best Colon Cleansers:

Colon Renewal: this solution will give you the needed detoxification and weight loss in just 2-5 days. It is also designed in order to naturally cleanse your body without losing too much energy.

Intensive Colon Cleanse: provided by Digestive Science, this product will support your colon cleansing regime with detoxification benefit. Made up of herbs, Intensive Colon Cleanse will naturally reduce the inflammation of your GI tract lining and support the function of your immune system.

Bowtrol: a natural herbal colon cleansing solution is designed in order to give you maximized colon health as you prevent conditions like constipation. When taken, this product will maximize the elimination of wastes from your body without cramping or even loose stools.

Homemade colon cleansers:

These days you can find various products on the market, quite expensive. This is the reason why many people prefer to use homemade colon cleansers to clean their colon. Many people use flaxseeds, as this also acts as one of the best natural colon cleansing products which can be used for the children and adults. Flaxseeds will not contain any minerals or vitamins, but rich in soluble fiber that is plant based and can’t be digested. Taking this seed will stimulate the digestive system and will enhance the bowel movements. Flaxseeds are well endured by the body, and have no edge effects. They also relive you of constipation symptoms and also help in reducing the menopause symptoms.images-3

Another natural herb, Psyllium husk is used in various herbal cleansing products and can also be used in its natural form. This herb relives your body of any irritation in the digestive tract and soothes any intestinal discomfort. Psyllium husk that contains oily structure will help in softening the stools and also relieves any symptoms that are associated with the constipation.  This herb will also help in reducing bloating in your abdomen and also eliminates any pain due to the irritable bowel syndrome and is also effective in treating digestive irritation and certain gastrointestinal disorders. Regular intake of this natural herb can also help in lowering your bad cholesterol levels.

Aloe Vera also acts as colon cleanser that has been using since years as an oral laxative. Consuming this is completely safe and decreases bloating and agony that is associated with the irritable bowel syndrome in numerous patients. Cascara Sagranda is another interesting product that is extracted from the bark of some tree and is used as an effective colon cleanser.  It acts as a powerful laxative that promotes the normal bowel action and also lowers sodium and potassium levels. Turmeric can also be used as a colon cleanser, as this will helps in warding off pain due to inflammation in the digestive tract and also helps to smooth bowl movement by removing obstructions from the gastrointestinal tract.

Many people also use magnesium oxide in cleansing their colon, as it assists in the introduction of good pathogens in our body. One of the best colon cleansing goods, magnesium oxide can proceed a long way in reinforcing your gastrointestinal system by removing unsafe toxins.


Natural, commercial colon cleaners are the most recommended kind of cleanser as they not only clean the colon by breaking down the built up waste for better route, but insert oxygen into the colon which aids in bacterial digestion.

Is colon cleanse safe and sound for your weight loss plan?

During the vacations, might tend to stuff, over imbibe, and over party. All this will take a roll on your body and it’s no surprise why New Year’s resolutions forever embody a need to induce healthier or lose those lastly vacation pounds.

Gas and bloating, irritability, and dangerous breath are all symptoms of a way larger drawback than simply the over-doing of vacation festivities. It will truly be a proof of a high level of toxicity within the material body

Are you questioning the way to shed off those further pounds? If you’ve got tried variety of things however failed to get any fruitful result, here may be a resolution for you. There’s a bunch of supplements that have flooded the market; creating tall claims of serving to you to turn in addition to the various sorts of diets area unit significantly hip. If you’re very troubled to require a glance at the scales, then it’s time that you just turn on to a diet that flushes out everything that’s not smart for the functioning of the body.

Detoxifying the body will result in flushing away unwanted toxins from the colon, toxins which will exist there for over three years and weight up to ten pounds.

The Colon Cleanse diet   set up comprehensive of water and primarily fluids won’t cause you to place on any longer weigh. It helps folks in would like fighting blubber to avail productive results.

The Colon Cleanse Weight Loss: Taking a glance

Cutting the adipose tissue is troublesome, however nothing is best than having a diet set up just like the Colon Cleanse, that helps you to lose fat at a quicker rate. The marking purpose of this weight loss set up is that you just intake primarily liquids in varied forms.

The Simple Plain Water Diet

If you’re choosing the water diet, drink water for ten days. Intake of much water is completely crucial to cleanse our system.

The Fruit Cleanse Diet

Do you savor your favorite fruits? Then the Fruit Cleanse diet is for you. In tune with the stipulated time, you wish to own solely fruits and water, which can aid in losing weight. Your consumption level is incredibly low since you are doing eat any solid food and don’t add on to the calorie-count.

Vote for Fruit Juice

If you’re keen on to gulp down fruit crush, then you’ll solely have it for an amount of ten to twenty days. The sugar content within the fruit juices facilitate the body to stay on functioning with none food consumption.

Green Shake Cleanse- one among the simplest Solutions

If you’ve got been probing for the simplest weight loss program, its inexperienced Shake Cleanse that is that the effective combination of fruits and vegetables that forms the integral a part of the shake being churned out. The fine mix of the fiber of the inexperienced vegetables and therefore the sugar derivation from the fruits supply apt nourishment to the body.

How Much Weight is you able to lose?

The Colon Cleanse weight loss set up will work on the approach you set your priorities. This diet may be a troublesome one within the sense that it’s troublesome to keep up it once you’ve got started it. It wants determination and dedication to stay cornered the lure of uptake to your heart’s content. It’s a liquid-based diet and if you’ll follow the diet fully, then you’ll shed off those further fat in bigger proportion.

Colon Cleanse Program Benefits

If you’re thinking whether or not this Colon Cleanse set up of combating blubber can modify you to turn, then don’t moot, however opt for it. It’s terribly troublesome to stay aside the food temptations. If you’re keen on to eat, then intake of liquids will cause you to present in whereas you’re simply midway. The effectiveness of the results of those colon cleanse diet rely upon however you follow the diet with full dedication for losing weight.